Diversity vs Inclusion: What's the Difference?

Diversity vs Inclusion: What's the Difference?
Sometimes, people confuse the two terms diversity and inclusion. But, it is important to know they are not synonymous. Diversity vs inclusion pertains to many areas like the workplace or school.

You may be wondering what is diversity vs inclusion, and why does it matter? Diversity within the workplace describes the personal, physical, and social characteristics of employees. Examples of this are gender and ethnicity.

Inclusion refers to procedures set in place to ensure a diverse workspace. Inclusive strategies within the workplace exist to help combine differences.

Keep reading to find out "Why do diversity and inclusion matter?". And we'll tell you why diversity is important within the workplace.

Are Diversity and Inclusivity Different?

There are dangers of a company achieving diversity without inclusion. At times this could take the form of an organization taking action to improve diversity, but without also taking measures to make the culture inclusive, it will not accomplish the goal.

There are many risks when a company focuses on diversity and ignores inclusion.  Some of the risks of focusing on diversity and ignoring inclusion include:

  • Inhibiting psychological safety
  • Creating a false sense of security
  • Missed opportunities to enhance business performance
  • Risk diversity being misinterpreted as tokenism
These are some of the few risk company's face when dealing with diversity vs inclusion. Diversity equals representation, but, without strategies, diversity doesn't mean much.

Why Do Diversity and Inclusion Matter?

Diversity is a globally accepted concept, putting different people into one space. Inclusion introduces methods and strategies to make a diverse workplace function.

Say a company owner overcomes their unconscious biases about a certain minority group. Said employer will likely hire people who fall into that group, diversify the company's team.

If a team feels valued and respected by their employer, the company is successful. But it's important not to mistake diversity for inclusion and vice versa. They are different and should be treated as such.

Why Is Diversity Important In the Workplace?

Diversity includes and promotes respect in the workplace, as well as representation. Say you're an interviewer and are looking for new employees. If people see you have a diverse staff and take care of their unique needs, your business gains attention.

Diversity management is important within the workplace. Each employee represents themselves and their job. If one person is disrespecting a team member the company's reputation suffers.

Having everyone think the same is not diversity. Promoting acceptance of other's ideas creates a safe work environment for all individuals.

Here are some ways you can promote inclusion in your workplace:

  • Educate management staff
  • Rethink workplace policies — make them inclusive
  • Display inclusion goals and measures
  • Celebrate differences
Keep these ideas in mind when promoting diversity vs inclusion within your company.

Diversity vs Inclusion

Now you should have a better understanding of the difference between diversity vs inclusion. If your management team receives education, your workspace shouldn't have an issue.

Remember you can't have diversity without inclusion. Having a diverse staff is nice, but if you don't promote inclusive measures, you won't get far.

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